About Us


Mission Statement

  • To place the public welfare above all other interests and to apply the special knowledge and skill of the Building Official to the benefit of society.
  • To build up the prestige of the Building Official to provide sufficient qualified personnel adequately compensated, to establish minimum standards of what a building department is and to secure adequate recognition and proper place in the administrative organization.
  • To investigate and discuss the principles underlying safety in the construction, occupancy and location of buildings and related structures.
  • To develop, recommend and promote uniform regulations and legislation pertaining to building construction, and to encourage uniformity in code interpretation.
  • To develop, maintain, and promote the adoption of International Code Council Codes and related documents and any other codes adopted by the State of California, and to be Active Class A members of the International Code Council.
  • To advise and assist in administration of building laws and ordinances.
  • To promote and maintain “Home Rule” of building regulations on a local level.
  • To do all such other things as are incidental to or desirable for the attainment of the above objectives.